Navigation for VW Seat & Skoda 9" | Carplay Wireless | Android Auto | DAB+ | Android | 64GB

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Before ordering, please check whether this product is suitable for your vehicle. Read description.

Discover the AVN-R590 by AVISON, your gateway to exceptional car audio and video, packed with limitless functionality.

Experience the versatility of this elegant car radio, compatible with or without a smartphone, thanks to its independent operating system. Your car's original functions, like steering wheel controls and parking sensors, remain fully operational. Plus, it's a hassle-free installation in most vehicles.




9” IPS 1024x600 Capacitive


8 Core





Premium IPS Screen

Enjoy clear pictures on the 7 inch IPS screen that make everything look real.

Fast and Stable

Experience impressive speed and efficiency thanks to the 8 core CPU and 2 GB RAM.

Bluetooth & Wifi

Built-in Bluetooth and WIFI supports all types of smartphones.

CarPlay and Android Auto

Built-in wireless CarPlay and Android Auto function. No dongle required.

Product specification

This car radio has a built-in CarPlay and Android Auto module. The connection works wirelessly via the built-in Bluetooth receiver. In addition, the car radio also has a built-in WIFI receiver. This allows you to connect to the internet and download applications to the car radio. When you download applications to the car radio, you do not have to use CarPlay or Android Auto.


Yes | Wireless

Android Auto

Yes | Wireless


Yes 5.0






Parking Distance View

Our vehicle radios are equipped to integrate with and display readings from the factory-installed parking sensors.

Built-in DSP

We strive for exceptional audio quality in our vehicles, which is why our car radios come with a high-performance DSP amplifier.


Install your favorite applications via the Playstore, the car radio ultimately also works without a smartphone.

Suitable vehicles

VW Golf MK5 (2003-2008)
VW Golf MK6 (2009-2014)
VW Polo 6R (2009-2014)
VW Polo 6C (2014-2018) For this vehicle you need extra panel "CRNSPOLO14" and "AVN-C10" cable
VW Amarok (2010-2021)
VW Caddy (2003-2019)
VW EOS (2006-2015)
VW Jetta (2005-2013)
VW Multivan T5 (2010-2015)
VW Multivan T6 (2015-2019)
VW Beetle (2011-2023)
VW Golf GTI / R (2003-2013)
VW Golf Plus (2003-2013)
VW Passat (2005-2016)
VW Passat CC (2008-2016)
VW Scirocco (2008-2022)
VW Sharan (2010-2020)
VW Touran (2003-2014)
VW Tiguan (2007-2014)

Please be aware that the list may not include all vehicle models. However, if the front panel of your current car radio measures 129mm in height and has rounded corners, it is likely that this product will also fit your vehicle.